Goblin Diaries, Vol 6: The Dragon Pieter

 From the 12/22/23 newsletter:

21st Day of the Frost Moon, 1218th Year, Human Age of Magic ...

The days have been hectic since my last journal entry. The king has appointed me executor of the late Alchemist's estate until he can find and appoint a replacement, and the sorcerer left his accounts in such disarray that I've been bombarded from all sides with petty claims for payments or for services left unrendered. Plus, I've had several unwanted visits from a powerful member of the Protectorate, the dragon Pieter.

Well, the first visit was not entirely unwelcome. I'd requested help removing the Eye of Ellindrell from the forehead of the sleeping golem, and I was grateful the Protectorate sent a dragon to do it. But I wasn't expecting someone so high up in the hierarchy, and we've had a few conversations that I've found disturbing.

For anyone reading this journal that doesn't already know, the dragons co-founded the Protectorate, along with the elves, for the express purpose of deciding whether to remove the human species from the planet and, if so, oversee the extermination. The ruling council is over forty percent dragons, and they tend to advocate against humanity.

I was a bit shocked to find that Pieter does not. In fact, he seems to be in favor or allowing the species to grow and thrive. He has a reputation as a rebel, so I shouldn't be surprised--as the former dragon king, he abdicated the throne, dissolved the monarchy, and put in its place a council representing each of the dragon clans, which has remained in power for over a million years. Still, I find his level of support for the humans alarming.

He seems to believe they will evolve into a higher species at some point and is willing to take the risk that they may reach the stars before they are ready. I can't be sure, but I think he's even allied himself with a group of human telepaths, the self-proclaimed Guild of Dream Walkers. The guild has become involved somehow with the mercenary Tsing and has assigned one of their own to protect and advise him. Pieter seems intent on trying to involve me in their mysterious scheme by suggesting I use the swordsman to find Ka'il Idreth, the Sword That Sings. He even offered to fly me to the Darinian Mountains to talk with the man and his dream walker companion.

No way am I riding on the back of a dragon!

However, in a seemingly unrelated conversation, Pieter asked me about a local wine the king has banned because it is made with the neleh berry, a powerful aphrodisiac cultivated by a pair of fairies in the Forest of Baeth, several days journey south from Azurith. He asked me to look into the long-term effects of the plant on humans, and during our discussion some things he mentioned led me to believe Ka'il Idreth may be hidden within that very forest.

Rather than involving Tsing and his dream walker, I just might journey to the Forest of Baeth to see for myself.

Progress Update:

This morning I crossed the 66k word mark on the first draft of A Verse for Witches, well over halfway through the first book in my epic fantasy series, The Song of Tsing. It was a blast writing the scene where Trevor confronts the faerie Floreze in the Forest of Baeth. It looks like I'm well on the way to having the draft ready for beta readers by the end of April.

That's it for now. Happy Reading!

-Red Wolf John

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