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The Goblin Diaries, Volume 4: The Alchemist in Azureth

(From the 10/20/2023 newsletter)  14th Day of the Harvest Moon, 1218th Year, Human Age of Magic ... I've been busy--too busy to keep up this journal as I had hoped. It has taken me nearly a year to bring my plan to fruition, but I'm finally on the verge of retrieving the Eye of Ellindrell and Ka'il Idreth.  I arrived in Azureth almost a year ago. I sought out the Alchemist and was able to persuade him to employ me as an assistant, convincing him of my ability to translate and otherwise interpret most of the Fae manuscripts he has accumulated. At first, I was little more than a glorified housekeeper--and let me tell you, some of the chores around here are thoroughly disgusting. When I first came on, he had me collecting hundreds of frogs daily from the marshes around Lake Marin and then cleaning the messes he made using them in his experiments with spells. Thank the gods I've been able to discourage some of that experimentation with more accurate translations of the manu

The Goblin Diaries, Volume 3: The Eye of Ellindrell and The Sword That Sings

  27th Day of the Frost Moon, 1217th Year, Human Age of Magic ... Humans are so willing to babble on and on, pretending to be experts on things they know nothing about, especially when their tongues are loosened with a bit of wine. However, intermingled with their babblings are often hidden gems of valuable information. I've been sitting around the evening campfires as our caravan makes its way south, pouring cups and listening, and I am convinced there are two extremely valuable elven artifacts in the area that need retrieving as soon as possible--the Eye of Ellindrell and Ka'il Idreth (The Sword That Sings). The Eye of Ellindrell appears to be a particularly large ruby with a mesmerizing, pulsating bubble trapped inside. Its intended usage is a power source for the creation and opening of portals. As unlikely as it might be that some human may discover its true purpose and use it to travel the realms, a human mule--sorry, sorcerer --can easily tap into its power to conjure al

The Goblin Diaries, Volume 2: I need to find a Mule

 From the August 18, 2023 newsletter ... 19th Day of the Frost Moon, 1217th Year, Human Age of Magic ... After only a few days spent in the human port city of Arleanne, it has become obvious that faerie spawn will be too dangerous to work with. I need to find a mule . Perhaps I should take a moment to explain my use of the above pejoratives. Not that I care so much whoever reads this might be offended--I want to leave no chance for misunderstanding in this diary. You see, the problem of having Fae artifacts in the hands of humans is compounded by the fact there is now a good bit of Fae blood present in the human gene pool and therefore humans who possess some powers they call magic. I call such half humans faerie spawn  for obvious reasons. Okay, if it's not obvious, I'll tell you straight. The Faeries have been primarily responsible for inserting non-human DNA into the local population. I know there has been intermittent intermingling among humans and elves, some dragons, and