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Where Do Your Ideas Come From?

From June 17: One of my favorite books - I’ve talked about it before - is Richelle Mead’s Succubus Blues. In it, there’s an ongoing debate over the above question. Georgina thinks it’s lame for readers to ask that question, but her author crush insists it’s a legitimate question for readers to ask. I do, too. I mean, if you follow an author for any length of time, don’t you at some point, in amazement, ask, “How in the world did he/she come up with this?” I imagine Stephen King has figured out a way to work through his nightmares. I think Dean Koontz must be working through some conspiracy theory paranoias that plague him. The thing is, everyone has ideas. We all have crazy thoughts, don’t we? Uh, don’t we? You know, maybe I’m making a false assumption, here. It could be it’s just me and a lot of folks I hang out with. For the sake of this blog post, though, I’m sticking with the hypothesis. So, the difference between the ideas that earth people have and authors have is, an e

Newsletter Volume 3: Genre Quest (Going Off Half-Cocked)

From June 4, 2021 Clifford Crane, the main character in my novels, tends to go off half-cocked. He doesn’t always think things through before he acts. Neither do I. Which is fine for an action hero. It keeps things interesting. But for an author? Not so much. Case in point: Back in 2010, I had a story to tell. So, I started writing the Red Wolf Saga. When The Draculata Nest was finished and I went to publish it on Amazon, one of the first questions that cropped up was, what’s the genre? My answer?   Uh… (A lot of my answers begin like that. This time, however, it ended that way, too.) I really hadn't given genre much thought. I just wanted to write something I'd enjoy reading myself. (Since it was likely I'd be the only one reading it, that seemed like a practical goal.) Here's the kind of stuff I was reading at the time, the kind of story I was looking for in my saga... I asked Google, and the term Urban Fantasy popped up. Research done. That’s what I tagged