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Waiting for the Next Book in a Series

I recently had a message from a friend on Goodreads, saying she’d just finished reading the first two books of my Red Wolf Saga and was eager for a third. I love it when a reader becomes drawn into the world I’ve created and wants more, and as a relatively new author, her message definitely made my day. I assured her that the third book, Red Wolf Rising , was now in the editing and beta reader process, and would be available soon. (Check out the teaser for it by clicking on the My Books page tab at the top of my blog.) I allowed myself to bask in the glow of having my work appreciated for a moment, and then I began to reflect on what it’s like for a reader who gets involved in a series that’s not finished yet. Believe me, I’ve been there. I hate it. Maybe it’s because I got spoiled when I first started reading books in a series. As a boy, Edgar Rice Burrough’s Tarzan books, Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Trilogy , and Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings were all finished by the time I got t