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Interview With Clifford Crane

 (From the Red Wolf Pack March 24th Newsletter) Hey, folks. After years of asking, I finally got my MC, Clifford Crane, to agree to an interview. I tracked the legendary werewolf down to a small planetoid in the Nyx system, Stygian Sector. I cornered him just as he returned from testing a prototype fighter his team is working on. I recorded the following interview on my phone ... Me: Hi, Clifford. Long time, no see. Crane: You already? I thought I had some time before you got here. Another week at least. Me: Nope. I have a newsletter I need to get out, and my readers are anxious to have some questions answered. Besides, you won't be here in another week. Crane: I won't? Is that a spoiler? Me: Maybe. Crane: Are we being attacked? Me: I'm not at liberty to say. Crane: That means you don't know yet, doesn't it? Jesus, Hundley, you need to plan these things a little better. Ever heard of outlining? It's what real authors do. Me: Sounds like you might be having a bad

Gathering Questions for Clifford

 (Taken from the March 3rd newsletter) Hi, Pack Members! As many of you know, I'm currently working on my eighth novel with Clifford Crane as the male protagonist. After four centuries of adventuring, I've finally persuaded him to agree to an interview. I was a bit surprised he conceded, considering what I've put him through over the years. But he said he'd do it, and Clifford is a man of his word. The full interview will be published in my newsletter update later this month and also posted on this blog. In the meantime, I'm trying to gather some pithy questions for the interview. If any of you have something you've always wanted to ask Clifford, click the link to my Google Form below and ask it. Even if your question doesn't make it into the official interview, I'll make sure you get a direct answer via email. Here's the link: <Ask Clifford Crane a Question> In other news, I want to thank everyone who participated in the Decision 2023 Survey l