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A Mermaid and Amanda Lyles

Hi, folks! I haven’t posted since June, 2014, but now that the third novel in the Red Wolf Saga is scheduled for publication on March 6, I’m emerging from my writing cave. Yes, the Red Wolf is back! I’m going to start blogging again with renewed vigor, and I’m kicking off the year (a little late, I know) with a series of reviews of books by some indie authors I met on Goodreads.  First up: Amanda Lyles! I met Amanda in a Goodreads group when her first novel came up as the review of the week. It was about a mermaid! I couldn’t resist. I volunteered as a reader/reviewer, and got hooked on the Nina Garnet character immediately. I read the first book and posted the review below. Then – and this is a cool thing about Goodreads – I was able to contact the author, who accepted my offer to beta read the second book.        So let’s get started with reviews of the first two Nina Garnet mermaid books, and then have a brief chat with the author… For Kindle on Amazon Horsesh