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Decision 2023

 (From the February 17th Red Wolf Pack newsletter) No, this isn't a political pitch--I realized the implications of the subject line after I'd outlined most of my newsletter, and I didn't want to change it--Decision 2023 is what I'm calling my process of deciding what my next writing project should be. And I could use your help. You see, Halves and Half Nots  will bring to a conclusion a three-novel story arc in the Spaceship Huey Adventures. I've enjoyed writing the series, and it's been mildly successful as far as sales go. But it's the 8th Clifford Crane novel, and I'd like to put the character to rest--at least for a while. I've got four choices, all projects I hope eventually to work on, but I need to focus on just one right now ( now  being the next few years). There's a science fiction, an epic fantasy, and two urban fantasy options. I can't think of a more qualified group than you guys to help me make the decision. Could you look at m

Halves and Half Nots Blurb Preview

 (Taken from the February 3rd Newsletter) Hi, folks! I need some feedback. I've been working on the blurb for my next novel in the Spaceship Huey Adventures series. Halves and Half Nots is targeted for paperback release in the 4th quarter of this year, with an official ebook launch in January, 2024. The book completes a three-novel story arc and may or may not be the end of the series (more on that in a later post). This is not a romance --meaning I can't promise a happy ending--but it has romantic flavor, and I'm trying to emphasize such in the blurb. Here goes ... A mighty armada. A fleet of pirates. Can a desperate shifter rally a band of cutthroats to save the human colonies ... and the woman he loves? Clifford Crane's heart is being ripped out. He's fallen for his gorgeous, sharp-tongued partner--and she's about to leave forever. So, when an enemy armada delays her escape, he's determined to use the borrowed time to convince her to stay. Heather Felton