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194.8    Hi, folks. This week’s post is a day early. My son and I are taking off for a long-overdue visit to Grandma’s this weekend. I have no guarantee I’ll be able to find a wifi connection for my laptop, so I figured I better go ahead and ‘git her done’, because…    … there’s some big news! The new book is being released officially on Halloween Day. In fact, it's availbable now on Kindle (see the link at the bottom of the page).      And t o kick off the Halloween release of The Dragon of Doughton Park, the wonderful Mary at  APageAway has organized a week long blog tour starting Monday. Check out the dates and blog stops on the cool banner she worked up!    In addition to reviews and interviews, there will be some nifty prizes given away, including the wolf-themed book marks by Fangspiration and the book itself. As you know if you’ve been following my blog, beta readers have startled me with their enthusiastic reactions to the second of the Red Wolf novels,

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192.6    It’s a glorious Fall Sunday morning in Charlotte and time for my weekly blog. As you can see from my weight posted up top, my scales are back on line. Not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse. Oh, well. Today’s blog, like my past week, is in bits and pieces (hence the title – clever, huh?). Release Date Set for Dragon    My cover guy, Rich, promised to have the cover for The Dragon of Doughton Park ready this weekend. No sooner had the words escaped his lips (or fingers, I guess – the promise came in an email), did Rich take off for a weekend camping trip. Of course I interpreted ‘this weekend’ to mean Friday night, since that’s what I was hoping for. But, I guess Rich meant Sunday night. And he is known to be a man of his word.    Anyway, the cover will be available soon. The text has been formatted for paperback, kindle, and nook, and files have been uploaded to CreateSpace, KDP, and PubIt. Therefore, I’ve set a release date for the book. Dragon will be offic

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Wow, it’s Sunday already! I thought it was only yesterday, or maybe the day before? There is no weight posting this week. Sorry. My scales broke. (Oh, ha-ha. That’s funny. No, I did not break them; the batteries went dead.) I should have them back on line next week and y’all can see how skinny I’ve gotten over a two-week span.    Part of the reason this week went by so quickly was that I have been extremely busy. I was in some intensive training for work most of the week, studying at night, and burning the candle at both ends. I had zero time for writing, and, frustrating as that is, I’ve just had to accept it.      The good news is, the new cover for The Draculata Nest is done, and the cover for The Dragon of Doughton Park may be ready this week. I’ve been spending all my “free” time formatting the text of those books for publication in paperback and ebook. It is tedious work, but I need to make sure the insides live up to the great outsides that Ray DeLotell and Rich We

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193.8     Happy Sunday, readers! I know some of you are champing at the bit for news of The Dragon of Doughton Park. I sooooo want to release it before Halloween, but I still don’t have the cover available. I am waiting… patiently (yeah, right). We are a step closer, however, because this week Rich Westover provided me with an outstanding re-design of the cover for the new, improved edition of The Draculata Nest , which will be released along with Dragon. I think this will be much more attractive on bookshelves than the original. Check it out…     Now that he’s done with the first one, and we’ve established somewhat of a theme , he expects the next cover to be available relatively quickly. Yaaaay! Not only are these books beginning to look as good on the outside as readers have found them to be on the inside, but they will be released in an expanded number of venues.     Well, for those of you who didn’t read the original blog post, “Battle of the Bulge,” you may have