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Clifford and Claire, Scene 9

     Hi, folks. Happy Halloween. This week’s blog post contains plugs for a couple of good horror-filled books and another installment of the background story of Clifford and Claire, the first omega werewolves. Let’s get down to it. Seasons Readings… …and for a good cause. I just purchased my copy of Death By Drive-In , this year’s CoffinHop offering. It’s a collection of short stories for the Halloween season put together by a group of indie horror writers. Proceeds from sales go to support LitWorld, a non-profit literacy organization. The ebook is only $3.99. Good, gruesome, philanthropic. I recommend it.                                                                     Kindle eBook                                                          More about LitWorld                                                        More about CoffinHop   What I’m Currently Reading… …is the delightfully clever Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter , by Seth Grahame-Smith. I cringed wh

Clifford and Claire, Scene 8

Hi, folks. For the next few weeks I’m going to provide you some more sneak peeks from my upcoming novel – more scenes from the back story of Clifford and Claire. But first, I have got to tell you about a huge, multi-author book and swag giveaway that’s going on thorough October 31st. Over 50 authors are participating in this, including yours truly. There are some great books and other really neat stuff that you can win. I’ve never seen anything of this magnitude before, and I’m delighted to be a part of it. Just click on one of the links below to enter.                                                       Fall Into Fantasy via Ash Krafton                                                         Fall Into Fantasy via Red Tash   Now… Red Wolf Rising won’t be available to the general public until Spring of 2014. But, since folks have asked for it, and since I’ve already shared half the story on my blog, I’m going to continue to provide excerpts of Clifford and Claire

Checking In

       I don’t get to visit my Mom as much as I’d like these days, so we keep up via email, the subject line of which is often “ Checking In .” It conveys, I don’t have anything specific to say, but I didn’t want too many days to go by without touching base. What usually follows is an eclectic mix of subjects that might range from I went to the store today to I heard so-and-so died. And that’s what you get from me this week, my readers. I have some special things planned for my blog over the next few months, but nothing’s ready yet. So, I’m just checking in . Here’s what I’ve been up to. I’m still writing… …plugging away at the final book in the Red Wolf trilogy. I had finished the first half, when my editing team pointed out some major flaws, so I’m having to re-write much of it. I don’t mind. The story will be that much better for it. But the book won’t get published until Spring, 2014, at least. Red Wolf Rising ( or it might be called Rivers of Red ) will wrap up

Featuring Kristy Berridge - Part 2

      Hi, folks. For the second week in a row I’m delighted to be featuring paranormal fantasy/horror author, Kristy Berridge. Last week I reviewed the first two books in her Hunted series, and this week I have an interview with the fabulous Ms. Berridge, herself. Let’s get down to it!   Me: First of all, Kristy, I want to thank you for taking time for this interview. It really is great to have this opportunity. Kristy: My pleasure, John. Me: I warn you, I’ve got some personal questions, if you don’t mind, but I’d like to save them for later. Right now, since I reviewed the first two books in The Hunted series on last week’s blog, and since I just finished The Damned, the first thing I need to know is… when is the third book coming out and what’s planned for the series in the long run? Kristy: The Aligned, the third book in The Hunted Series will probably be released early to mid next year. There are five books in the series in total and I will keep going to s