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What's it like to wake as a canid?

Embedded in my latest novel,  Rivers of Red , is the conclusion to the backstory of Clifford and Claire. The chapter where she first turns him into a werewolf was one of the most fun to write and, as a dog lover, the following scene, where Cliff first wakes to his new self, was an absolute blast. For all lovers of the canids, this post is for you... Thump. We’re awake. Thump-thump. Panic. Where are we? What’s that noise? Thump-thump, thump-thump. A gasping breath. Blankets. A floor, carpeted. It’s our heart beating. Thump-thump, Thump-Thump, THUMP-THUMP. Why is it so loud? Not loud. Strong. Feel it? We are strong. Wait a minute. “We?” Yes, “we.” It is “our” heart, now, strong enough for two. Breathe, stretch our limbs, and see. Clifford responded to the inner voice. Inhaling deeply, he extended his arms and legs experimentally. The stretch felt good, like his muscles had awakened from a deep sleep. But, when his legs and arms reached their fully extended length, the

Release Day! Rivers of Red

Release Day! Rivers of Red Available today at Amazon! Click to Order! After five long years, the finale to the Red Wolf Saga! --- Most guys are willing to make a few lifestyle changes when the right girl comes along, but Clifford Crane may have crossed the line when he let Claire Deerfoot turn him into a werewolf. But they were happy, until she died suddenly, leaving him alone and carrying some very big secrets to her grave. When Clifford stumbles upon the local werewolf pack in a nearby national forest, he’s surprised to learn the unusual hue of his fur links him to an ancient prophecy. The prophecy promises a red wolf will one day appear to lead the Lycan to victory over the growing vampire scourge, thus saving mankind and fulfilling the wolves’ destiny. Full of hope, his new comrades welcome him into their pack, and the pack bond awakens in Clifford unknown powers, confirming to many that he is, indeed, the one foretold. News of the Red Wolf of Prophecy spreads far