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A Verse for Witches Blurb Reveal

From the March 1, 2024 Newsletter: Hey, folks. A Verse for Witches is book one of my epic fantasy series scheduled for release in 2025, and I just finished the blurb--the working draft, anyway--that's about to go out to newsletter subscribers, beta readers, and my cover artist. Check it out, if you will: A mercenary with a sword that sings. A witch who walks in dreams. If their destinies entwine, empires will fall.   Tsing was in love. Once. Now a blade, a horse, and a lucrative quest are all he needs. So, after an incredible night of passion with a green-eyed witch, he does what he always does—pays her handsomely and escapes at full gallop.   Erin is an indentured drudge—longing for freedom to walk her own path. So, the gold received after accidentally drinking a forbidden aphrodisiac is balm to her shame. She’ll put the incident behind her—until she finds her path to becoming a master dream walker is shared by the one who caused her shame.   Tsing is named the orphan king i