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Year-End Gratitude: My Cover Guys

New Year’s Eve, 2012 10:00 pm   Last Week of the Holiday Giveaway    I’m happy to say I was able to give away a few books this past week, but I have plenty left. My Holiday Giveaway will continue through January 6 th , and for the last week I’ll give a book to anyone who leaves a comment on this blog.    All you have to do is leave a comment at the bottom of this post (click on Comments and you’ll see how to do it), or email me at . Just tell me which of my books you want and in what format and I’ll get back to you for information on how to get them to you. Happy New Year!   Rich and Ray, My Cover Guys…     2012 was a year of accomplishments for me. I finished my second-go-around college stint with a 4.0 GPA, started a new day job in a new career, and published my second novel. Last week this li'l ol' blog got its one thousandth hit. That’s a lot for a 62-year-old slacker like me, and it was done with the help and support of lots o

The Deep-Seated Psychological Reasons I Write About Werewolves

Christmas Day, 2012 5:30 pm    I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season. Myself, I’ve been working on this little blog post off and on for the last four days. It’s been hard to find time, what with all the feasting and family, but I’ve finally got all my obligations and ‘fun’ out of the way, a fresh cup of coffee made with my new French press I got for Christmas, and I’m ready to post! Holiday Giveaway    Several weeks ago I resolved to give a book away each week during the holidays to a lucky reader who left a comment on my blog. So far, I’m way behind. Only one person has left a comment out of all the folks that visit my blog each week. I can’t believe that you guys are willing to buy these things, but I can’t give ‘em away!    I’m starting to develop a complex. No, I already have one. The only thing I can figure is you’re not making it to the end of my long-winded ramblings and therefore not scrolling down far enough to read about the giveaway.    So I’m postin

Review of The Realm Between Heaven and Hell

Sunday, December 16, 2012 9:00 pm    Happy Holidays, everyone! I don’t do this very often, but this week my blog centers around a review of J.S. Turners, The Realm Between Heaven and Hell.    I ran across Jessica Turner’s blog when she was recruited to be a stop on the tour for the launch of my own The Dragon of Doughton Park. Not that I’m one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but I checked out the bloggers ahead of time to make sure they would be a good fit for my novel, and I was very pleased with Ms. Turner’s. I was particularly impressed with how she did her interviews, and I noticed that she herself was a writer.    I got side-tracked. Although I wasn’t particularly drawn to the cover (I would never penalize an author for that anyway. The original cover of The Draculata Nest sucked.), the premise of her novel intrigued me. I jumped on and downloaded it to my kindle immediately.    I’m glad I did. This is J.S. Turner’s debut novel, and I recommend it. I

Another Notch in the Bible Belt

  Happy Sunday evening, folks.   Folks, I am overwhelmed with gratitude right now. I faced a task I had been dreading for several months, a promise I made to a friend. I’d put it off as long as I could. I’d run out of excuses. This morning I bit the bullet and followed through on what I said I would do. Whew. What a relief.    I keep getting myself into situations like this because I have a hard time saying “no”. (My son might argue that point. I say “no” to him all the time, but that’s because he gives me so very many opportunities.) It’s people pleasing , which is a character defect of mine. I know that. I just don’t want anyone to feel disappointed in me or think less of me, so I often agree to do things that I’d really rather not. My friends know this about me and occasionally take advantage of it, sometimes with the justification that it’s for my own good. Such was the case when a friend of mine recently talked me into attending his church service.     “A promise made

Holiday Giveaway

Happy Tuesday evening, folks.   Well, we’re well into the holiday season here in the Piedmont region of the Carolinas, and since I started this blog back in May lots has happened. The Draculata Nest was re-issued with a new cover. The Dragon of Doughton Park , second in the Red Wolf series, was published. We’ve read and reviewed books, participated in blog tours, posted character profiles, and expressed our opinions on subjects mundane and insane.    Looking back, blogging was never something I particularly wanted to do. But I was advised early on that it was something I would need to do as a writer in order to sell books, no matter how good the books might be. So I bit the bullet, learned the rudiments of Google’s Blogger, and started posting. I got all of nine hits my first post.    Over the summer, I developed further reservations about my blogging chore. My commitment to a weekly post consumed much of my creative energy, and it began to interfere with my regular writi