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The Goblin Diaries, Vol 7: The Forest of Baeth and the Neleh Berry

 From the January 19, 2024 Newsletter: 22 nd Day of the Frost Moon, 1218 th year, Human Age of Magic … The dragon Pieter has become a regular visitor here at the late Alchemist’s estate, and I’m not entirely comfortable with that. Rather than go into hiding—as I assumed he would—he stayed in Azurith overnight in his human guise and got a room at the Royal Goose—the very inn where the mercenary Tsing stayed when he was in the city! Then—as if to purposefully draw attention to himself—he seems to have grilled the staff there about the activities of both Tsing and the dream walker who’s been assigned to “take care” of the man. There’s something that dragon is not telling me—some scheme he’s cooking up with his human cronies—and I’m afraid he’s trying to draw me into it. However, his question about the neleh berry and its side effects have led me deeper into investigations of the activities of the two faeries inhabiting the Enchanted Forest to the south, which has become the home b

Animal Characters & an Excerpt from A Verse for Witches

I love some of the animal characters in the books I read. From the heroic nature of Dean Koontz' goldens, through the tragic descent into madness of Stephen King's Cujo, to the comic distractions of almost any pet, animal characters just add depth and breadth to any tale. In A Verse for Witches I've developed a character that I'm having so much fun with that I felt compelled to share with you in an excerpt. Following is Tsing telling the story of how he and his horse met. A short time later, Tsing sat across the table from Erin, a steaming bowl of stew before him. The cavern had indeed heated up to a comfortable temperature, and they had both removed their coats, which were slung over the backs of their chairs. He blew on his stew to cool it and glanced at the horses. Brawn and Sura were munching companionably from feedbags on the far side of the cavern. “He’s taken a liking to her,” he remarked. “Brawn doesn’t always get along with other horses, but he’s very comfortab