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The Fragile Ego of The Writer

Happy Easter, folks! May all your bunnies be solid chocolate. First of all, I have a lot of news for this post! All my books are free on Smashwords through April 15th. Remember, Smashwords is where you can get your ebooks in any format for every kind of electronic reading device. Just click on the Smashwords link at the bottom of this blog and enter the coupon code displayed on the right. I'll be featured this week on Julie's Book Review  as part of a month-long blitz featuring reviews, interviews, and giveaways by various authors. Check it out starting April 1st and enter for a chance at some cool prizes! (Also, you'll get to read about me! Always a treat, right?) A cool new website is launching Monday, April 1st.  is all about Paranormal, Fantasy, Dystopian, and Romance books. It will feature competitions, author interviews, and all kinds of other cool stuff even yet to be thought up by its creators. It also features an alphabetic

Need Inspiration? Walk With Your Dog

     The question most asked of any author is probably, where do you get your ideas? It’s a hard question to answer thoroughly, because by the time a thought has been pondered, massaged and conceived into an idea by a writer it has gone through a process so complex as to scare Sigmund Freud. However, we can often trace the idea back to a point of inspiration , and that is the way we usually answer the question, by relating what inspired the idea.     A writer is always searching for sources of inspiration, and one of the best for me has been to walk with a dog. Now, I’m not talking about dragging your pet around on a leash once a day so they can poop, although that can be rewarding in itself. No, I’m talking about taking a walk with your dog, where the path is a mutually agreed upon decision between two friends.     If you let a dog lead the way, he will take you on the road less traveled. Years ago I had the great fortune to have been a central figure in the life of a wonderful

Clifford and Claire, Part 4

     So, as promised, this is the fourth and final installment of the Clifford-and-Claire excerpt from my upcoming novel, Red Wolf Rising. I hope you’ve been enjoying this little sneak peek, and I hope you feel forgiving of me for being a lazy blogger by posting stuff I’ve already written, but the saved time has been well-spent for me in that I’m making great progress on the book!    Next week I’ll have something more “blog-ish” for you, I promise. There is so much sexual tension in this next novel that it’s wearing me out and I kind of need a break anyway. Along with the back-story of Clifford and Claire being told at the same time we’re keeping up with what’s going on with him and Heather in the present day timeline, there’s a new set of characters developing their own little lust-fest. I’m wondering if it might be too much for the average reader.    Oh, well.     In case you missed last week and are too lazy to click on the archives, these two have just had an unexpecte

Clifford and Claire, Scene 3

     Hi, folks! As I shared a few weeks ago, keeping up this blog and working on the new novel has put a strain on my already poor time management skills. So, I’ve been cheating by posting some excerpts from the new novel instead.    It’s working, because I’ve been getting sooooo much done on Red Wolf Rising that I’m really excited about. If I can maintain this momentum I might actually meet my completion deadline later this year.   So, picking up where we left off last time, here’s how Clifford Crane and Claire Deerfoot first met. Having just found her naked and starving in the park while he was jogging, and assuming her to be homeless, Clifford has taken her to IHOP for a meal… Her name was Claire Deerfoot and she loved pancakes. She really loved pancakes. She was now sopping up the syrup on her otherwise empty plate with the last fork full of her second short stack. Clifford had never seen a woman of her age and slight stature put it away like she did. Other than thos