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Troll or Park Cover Reveal

 Okay, I told you I wasn’t going to be posting much while I approach the deadline for my next novel, and I guess you guys were beginning to believe that since it’s been over a month. But I had to give respite to the silence of the blog and take a short break from working on Red Wolf Rising (I’m getting tantalizingly close to the end!) to share this cool cover for Red Tash’s soon-to-be-released dark fantasy novel… In the spring of 2012, while my editors ripped my first draft of The Dragon of Doughton Park to shreds, I was looking for something to read and stumbled upon Troll or Derby, which I promptly devoured. I was so taken with the cleverly written tale of Roller Deb and Harlow the rock-star troll that I dashed off a quick five-star review and posted it on my blog. (Just so you know, an unsolicited review from me is unusual. I’m a tad on the lazy side when it comes to writing about anything but my own stuff.) It was just that good. A day or so later I was surprised to