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History of The Dragon, Part 2

Hi, folks. I’m late again. I’m afraid that’s going to be the rule rather than the exception while I approach the deadline for Red Wolf Rising. I’m committed to getting the third Red Wolf novel out this Spring, so that’s where my priorities lie until then. Thanks for your patience. In trying to make the most of my writing time, the historical narrative I’m currently posting serves a dual purpose. The story of The Dragon (aka Pieter, aka Dr. Nigel Petros) provides insightful background material for the Red Wolf saga and readers may find it interesting taking that knowledge into the next two books, Red Wolf Rising and Rivers of Red . But I’m also trying to establish a stronger foundation for the next planned series (the Half Human saga), which is centered around Pieter’s quest to reunite with his kind and perhaps reclaim his crown. But first… What I’m Currently Reading… I finally finished Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Brimstone . To be honest, I got a little tired of

History of The Dragon, Part 1

Hi, folks. This week’s post is a little late, so I’ll apologize to the dozen or so loyal readers of this blog. I’ve had to literally drag myself online the lately for the simple fact that I’m so immersed in finishing up Red Wolf Rising. The third novel in the Red Wolf saga is coming along nicely and I’m excited about how the various characters and their stories are falling in line. Since the last several weeks were spent sharing an excerpt of Claire’s last visit to The Dragon, and since readers have expressed an interest in the dragons of the Red Wolf universe in general, I thought I’d share some background of the one who originated the Prophecy of the Red Wolf. I meant this to be a character profile. But dragons are such enigmatic creatures. What follows is more of a history lesson. I’m not sure how much insight it provides into Pieter’s true character. I gave it my best shot. But first… What I’m Currently Reading… … is (still) Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child’s Brim