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Two Precious Reviews

   My mom is pissed. And, believe me, you don’t want to get on her bad side. This feisty eighty-something still has a lot of fire left in her, so you might want to lay low for a while. What’s she up in arms about? Let me give you some background.    I don’t know if most moms are like this. I know some aren’t, and it’s a shame. But my mom has always been fiercely proud and supportive of her sons. Oh, I don’t mean she thinks we can do no wrong. Growing up, my brother and I got our fair share of whuppin’s, groundings, and other punishments as a result of our indiscretions. And that was fine, as long as it was her or Dad dishing it out. Let someone else accuse us of wrong-doing? Watch out.    Through the years, anyone who ever uttered a negative word about me has gone on a list. Once you’re on the list, it’s hard to come off. I’m not sure anyone has. There are folks from my grade school days - teachers who gave me bad grades, coaches who didn’t play me, folks who didn’t vote for me

My Almost-Live Interview

   Hi, folks. I haven’t posted in a few weeks, and this isn’t a real blog post – you know, one of my usual clever, insightful observations on my life or yours – just an update on what’s going on.    For those of you who followed my blog tour for the release of The Dragon of Doughton Park , you might remember the stop at Lost In Thought , the one run by author Jessica Turner. We gave away some stuff, which I hope you winners enjoyed, and she presented the new book and links where it could be reviewed and purchased.    Like the others on the tour, Jessica asked for copies of the books to read and review, and, like most of the others, she found she didn’t have enough time to read both of them before the tour. But last week she posted her review of the first book, The Draculata Nest, and did an interview with the author (me, of course!).    Most bloggers, when they want to do an author interview, send out a list of questions to the author ahead of time in an email. The author a

After the Storm - Blog Tour Winners

   Last Sunday, massive storm Hurricane Sandy moved up the Atlantic coast, turned inland on Monday, and wreaked havoc across the northeast United States for two days, causing an estimated $50 billion worth of damage, not counting the loss of human lives. It was such a catastrophic event that the vicious presidential campaign actually toned itself down for a few days (well, for the most part, anyway). Wednesday, folks in the northeast began digging themselves out of the snow, pumping the water out of their homes and businesses, and assessing the damage. Some folks in New Jersey say it will be a year before they’re back on their feet.     Sandy missed Charlotte almost entirely. I can be thankful for that, but I had my own ‘perfect storm’ going this week, the Blog Tour for the release of The Dragon of Doughton Park. Although on a much smaller scale, my storm lasted five days, and (metaphorically, at least) I am just now digging myself out and assessing the damage.    Blog Touri