My Almost-Live Interview

   Hi, folks. I haven’t posted in a few weeks, and this isn’t a real blog post – you know, one of my usual clever, insightful observations on my life or yours – just an update on what’s going on.
   For those of you who followed my blog tour for the release of The Dragon of Doughton Park, you might remember the stop at Lost In Thought, the one run by author Jessica Turner. We gave away some stuff, which I hope you winners enjoyed, and she presented the new book and links where it could be reviewed and purchased.
   Like the others on the tour, Jessica asked for copies of the books to read and review, and, like most of the others, she found she didn’t have enough time to read both of them before the tour. But last week she posted her review of the first book, The Draculata Nest, and did an interview with the author (me, of course!).
   Most bloggers, when they want to do an author interview, send out a list of questions to the author ahead of time in an email. The author answers the questions, and the blogger posts the answers as an “interview”. Sometimes the questions are tailored to the author’s work, and sometimes they are so generic you get the feeling they sent out a list of questions they keep on file for such occasions.
   Jessica does something different, and it’s really cool. She does an online chat (
Facebook, Google, or Skype) with the author, records the text, then edits it to fit on her blog. The beginning questions are about the author’s work (she’s read the material ahead of time), and they flow from the author’s responses as the interview progresses. It was great fun, I loved it, and I think you’ll like the “live” feel as well. Click the following link to check it out…

                      Lost In Thought Draculata Nest review and interview
   I’ve also been pleased to see that a few reviews and “likes” have started to trickle in for Dragon. I knew I did a better job on this second book, and so far readers agree. Nothing but five stars! Click the following link for the kindle version of the book and scroll down to read the reviews…
                      The Dragon of Doughton Park - scroll down for reviews

   Okay, that’s all for now. But I’ll be back soon. Hey, why don’t you follow my blog so you can get updates and alerts via email? Just hit the Follow button below and follow the instructions.
   And remember:
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Until next time… Happy Reading!


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