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194.8    Ugh. As you can see from the above number, my diet is not progressing well. I managed to gain the weight I dropped last week, plus some. I’ve got a number of excuses. My schedule got re-routed several times this week and I had no indoor contingency plans set up when my outdoor exercise got rained out almost every day.    But I’m not giving up. Even I can learn from my mistakes, right?    The hiccups in the diet plans are only a few of the frustrations I’ve been facing this week. Among those are the amount of time it is taking to get my second novel, The Dragon of Doughton Park , published and the paucity of time I’m finding to do any writing (including this blog). I promised readers that Dragon would be available around the end of June, and here it is, months later, and still not ready. The characters in Red Wolf Rising , the third Red Wolf novel, are anxious to see some action, a great number of writing ideas are festering in my brain, and my efforts to work writ

Battle of the Bulge w/ Luke Saunders Profile

                                                                                                                                                     193.8    Some of you may have noticed a 4-digit number with a single decimal place posted at the top of my blog last week. I’m ashamed to admit that is my weight in pounds at the time of the post. In an effort to shame myself into reducing the number, I’ve decided to post it each week until it reaches 180.    Yes, I am one of the millions of Americans who have been fighting a losing battle with an expanding waistline. My fight has lasted about thirty years, when in my early thirties I noted that I had to start wearing a size 32 jeans after having graduated college ten years before at a size 28. I now suck in my gut each morning to cinch my belt around a size 38.    What the hell happened?    I’ve always been active, always played sports, love to jog, go backpacking, ride my bike. I was kind of a gym rat in my younger days, and

Am I a Writing Junkie?

                                                                                                                                                  194.6    Ahhhh. I’m writing again. I know it’s only a blog post, but I haven’t written anything but a quick email in the last week. My ex-wife injured herself in a freak dog walking accident (I know, right?), so I’ve been spending nights over at her place to help her and the boys, days at my new job, and in between running errands. Right now, my ex is in the hospital recovering from surgery. I actually have a few minutes to myself, so here I am at the keyboard.    It feels good. It’s nice to watch the words crawl across the page, bringing coherence to the random and often uncontrollable thoughts rattling around in my brain. The light touch of my fingers on the keys is soothing, not like the harsh banging I tend to do when I’m entering data into the computer at work. I’ve missed this. In fact, I’ve come to need it. Without out it I find my

Character Profile: Heather Felton

   Hi, everyone. It’s a hot, muggy Friday morning in Charlotte, NC, and I’m grabbing a coffee at the local Caribou and getting to ready to go work an afternoon/evening shift at my day job. I made it through my first 40-hour work week since September of 2009; I got a small but much-needed paycheck; and I’m looking forward to a weekend all to myself. But, best of all, I managed to find a small amount of time to write this week, and the third Red Wolf novel, Red Wolf Rising , is beginning to take shape!    Now…    I’m announcing the overall winner of the new cover art for The Draculata Nest . My thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and express their opinions across the various electronic venues the past few weeks. And again, my apologies for not being able to get the voting gadget to work on this blog! I’m pretty happy with the selection myself, and thrilled that Ray DeLotell’s signature will grace the next cover of DN at the bottom of this…    Next, because I got such