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Flash Blogs

January 20, 2013 midnight    It had to happen, right? Eventually? Flash blogs? I don't mean the animation kind, but just some little quickies, like flash fiction.    You probably don’t even know how you got to this page, and already your attention span is waning. I need to grab it back with a virtual slap in the face, feed you the buzz and send you on your way.    You can chew on it later. Here goes… Walking the floor over you…    Nervous, anxious. So much so I couldn’t fully appreciate the nice 5-star review of Dragon that appeared this week on Amazon. It wasn't the one I was looking for. You see, a certain author/blogger indicated a review of Dragon would be coming soon. That was weeks ago. I waited and waited. Then, I had an epiphany, which of course I will share with the world – if the damn review ever gets posted. But, it won’t be a flash blog , so you’ll have to wait. Blame it on my day job…    … for the fact that I can’t make any progress on Red Wolf