The Goblin Diaries, Volume 2: I need to find a Mule

 From the August 18, 2023 newsletter ...

19th Day of the Frost Moon, 1217th Year, Human Age of Magic ...
After only a few days spent in the human port city of Arleanne, it has become obvious that faerie spawn will be too dangerous to work with. I need to find a mule.

Perhaps I should take a moment to explain my use of the above pejoratives. Not that I care so much whoever reads this might be offended--I want to leave no chance for misunderstanding in this diary.

You see, the problem of having Fae artifacts in the hands of humans is compounded by the fact there is now a good bit of Fae blood present in the human gene pool and therefore humans who possess some powers they call magic. I call such half humans faerie spawn for obvious reasons. Okay, if it's not obvious, I'll tell you straight. The Faeries have been primarily responsible for inserting non-human DNA into the local population.

I know there has been intermittent intermingling among humans and elves, some dragons, and the gods--never goblins, I assure you--but such has been few and far between. Faeries, on the other hand, are the most over-sexed species in the galaxy and will procreate with anything. (I swear, the humans have livestock that carry the genes of Faeries.)

But I digress. My problem is that the degree of magic that faerie spawn--those who call themselves witches, wizards, or warlocks--can wield, is such an unknown variable that I feel it safest to avoid association with them. The mules, on the other hand--those who call themselves sorcerers and wield magic solely derived from the use of Fae artifacts or knowledge--are much more predictable entities, and thus easier and safer to control.

Not only are they safer, but mules by definition are gatherers of Fae artifacts. So, what better strategy to retrieve those artifacts than to align myself with a human whose compulsion is to collect them? And I've heard rumors of a likely candidate, a sorcerer who pretentiously calls himself The Alchemist.

The Alchemist resides in Azurith, a city several weeks journey to the south, and it seems as good a place as any to begin my quest. There is a merchant caravan leaving for Azurith day after tomorrow, and I shall be travelling with them. The gods be with me.

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