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Rusan's At High Noon

 From the December 16, 2022 Newsletter: If you're confused at the enigmatic subject line, I get it. It's an inside joke that only a few--maybe two--readers will get. It refers to a recent episode where I tried to meet my son and his girlfriend for lunch.  It sounds like a great title for a book, though, doesn't it? Or, a movie, a song, or something? It does to me. And I was wondering, does it ever happen to you--like it does to me all the time--where you run across a spoken phrase or a random sign and think, "That sounds like a great book title!" And then you start to imagine the cover art. And the plot line starts to develop in your head. And you dig out your phone and try to jot some notes. And rush home to your laptop to ... Wait. Maybe I'm going too far with this scenario. But you know what I mean, don't you? I'm hoping I'm not as weird as I'm afraid I am and you guys have had this happen to you, too. If so, I'd really like to hear from

Where Do Your Ideas Come From? - Rehashed

From the December, 2022 Newsletter I discussed this in a newsletter over over a year ago, but I was recently asked the question yet again So, I thought it warranted some expansion. One of my favorite books--I've talked about it before--is Richelle Mead's Succubus Blues. In it, there's an ongoing debate over the above question. Georgina, the succubus, thinks it's lame for readers to ask that question, but Seth, her author crush, insists it's a legitimate question for readers to ask. I do, too. I mean, if you follow an author for any length of time, don't you at some point, in amazement, ask, "How in the world did he/she come up with this?" I imagine Stephen King has figured out a way to work through his nightmares. I think Dean Koontz must be working through some conspiracy theory paranoias that plague him. The thing is, everyone has ideas. We all have crazy thoughts, don't we? Uh ... don't we? You know, maybe I'm making a false assumption h