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Wolf Pack Feedback

From October 15, 2021: Hi, Packmates! I'm not just talking about feedback from the pack. It's feedback on  the pack, as well. You see, I was talking to Mr. Miyagi the other day. (That's what I call my marketing sensei - behind his back, of course. His real name is Adam.) He was describing our launch strategy for Half Human and the fact that we needed at least ten reviews before we start promotion campaigns. I said, "I can get that from my newsletter subscribers and my ARC team, easy." He was skeptical, since he knows my list is relatively small. So, I started bragging about how great y'all are - how I go for quality, not quantity. I wasn't just blowing smoke. Y'all are pretty awesome, way better than the industry standard for email engagement. Most authors' emails have a 20% open rate, at best, but almost 60% of you guys at least look at the ones I send out. In fact, most of the time one or two of you reply with some comment or feedback I've as

Newsletter Volume 7: Branding With a Hot Iron

 From October 1, 2021 Hey, Pack Mates! No, I'm not going all cowboy on y'all. It's the title of a chapter in Chris Fox's Write to Market . My online writer's book club read it last month, and the phrase seemed like a great subject line for this month's newsletter. Because that's what I've been doing lately... branding with a hot iron. I think I mentioned in the last post that Adam Houge's Fan Base Formula marketing group is guiding me through the launch of the first book in my upcoming Spaceship Huey Adventures series, Half Human. A lot of what we've been working on is my author brand. Branding is a buzzword thrown around a lot in marketing circles. I don't pretend to understand all the ins-and-outs of it, but I think we're trying to work towards the goal of having my name being recognized as an author and associated with good books. And that would be cool. Two of the first "hot iron" tasks involved is setting up a new website a