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Have Mercy!

Another Look at the Mercy Thompson Series by Patricia Briggs  Hey, folks. Happy New Year! I’ve been neglecting the Red Wolf Blog for the last few weeks, and it may be a while before I do another post. I’m really pushing to get Red Wolf Rising ready for editing in the next few months, so blogging has been moved to the back burner of the writing stove, so to speak. However, I just finished reading the seventh book in this wonderful paranormal series, so I thought it might be time to reprise a post I did last year, during my Top Five Paranormal Countdown, but this time include a review of the newest book. Remember? The Mercy Thompson series, by Patricia Briggs, was number four on my top five list for a paranormal series… What I liked… The heroine… The tattooed, kick-ass Volkswagon mechanic named Mercedes is simply to die for, and characters sometimes do. An extraordinary woman engaged in the never-ending struggle to make ends meet, while dealing with any number of e