Checking In

       I don’t get to visit my Mom as much as I’d like these days, so we keep up via email, the subject line of which is often “Checking In.” It conveys, I don’t have anything specific to say, but I didn’t want too many days to go by without touching base. What usually follows is an eclectic mix of subjects that might range from I went to the store today to I heard so-and-so died.

And that’s what you get from me this week, my readers. I have some special things planned for my blog over the next few months, but nothing’s ready yet. So, I’m just checking in. Here’s what I’ve been up to.

I’m still writing…

…plugging away at the final book in the Red Wolf trilogy. I had finished the first half, when my editing team pointed out some major flaws, so I’m having to re-write much of it. I don’t mind. The story will be that much better for it. But the book won’t get published until Spring, 2014, at least.

Red Wolf Rising (or it might be called Rivers of Red) will wrap up the original trilogy, but the Red Wolf saga won’t end there. Another three books are planned, and Clifford Crane’s story will pick up about four hundred years into the future with the Half Human Trilogy. Working titles for the next three books are Half Human, Half Empty Half Full, and Halves and Half-Nots.

My new Web site…

…is in the process of being built, and eventually the Red Wolf Blogs will move to the new address. But the site will be more than just a place for my weekly blog posts. will pay homage to the creative community that is springing up around the Red Wolf novels. You’ll get to meet and connect with the artists, editors, and beta readers without whom none of this would happen.

I’m pretty excited about it. Check out this concept drawing for the site’s banner page, featuring some of the major characters in my novels.

Coming soon…

…in the next few months on the Red Wolf Blogs:

Lots of readers have asked for the back story of Clifford and Claire, and it’s an integral part of the next novel. I’ll continue to share excerpts of it on my blog.

Aoife Sheridan has just published her second book in the Saskia Trilogy. As soon as it’s available in the States (any day now, I understand), I’m going to review both books and interview her right here. (Hint: I liked the first book.) We’ll try to learn more about her, the evolution of Saskia, and what makes this Irish lass tick.

       So, until next week… Happy Reading!

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