Urban Fantasy Books

The Red Wolf Saga

For thousands of years Lycan and Vampire have waged a hidden war, and the undead are a generation away from claiming final victory. Only scattered packs of werewolves stand between the vampire horde and the enslavement--and eventual extermination--of the human race.

The Lycan cling to an ancient prophecy: that a special Red Wolf will rise to unite the packs, forming an invincible army that will wipe the undead from the earth and save humanity from certain doom.

A very ordinary man might be the one foretold in the prophecy.

He's about to embark on an extraordinary adventure.

A lone wolf. A nest of vampires. Can he find the monster who turned his girlfriend before he loses her forever?

A reluctant champion. A brewing war. Can he embrace his destiny before humankind suffers the deadly consequences?

Werewolves at war with the undead. Innocents kidnapped by vampires. Can a prophesied leader survive his quest to protect humanity?

His most recent battle nearly killed him. With his  clan relying on his leadership, can he save humanity from annihilation?

Werewolves, vampires, dragons. Conspiracy, adventure, romance.

The entire Red Wolf Saga together in a boxed set!