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The Spaceship Huey Adventures

Everyone who's half human claims to come from Earth - ancient proverb

The Vampire Wars lasted the better part of a century. Eventually, the Lycan prevailed and humanity was saved.

But not without a cost. No longer propped up by the vampires and their thralls, national governments and economies collapsed across the globe. But a few international mega-corporations survived to eventually merge into one giant paramilitary entity, which controlled all commerce both on and off the planet.

With Earth literally gasping for air, the first of the Great Migrations began in the 22nd Century. Guided and controlled by THE Corporation, humans began to leave their former paradise in search of new worlds to colonize. By the 24th Century, what the Fae sought to prevent long ago had happened. Mankind had reached the stars.

Now, humans and half-humans alike find themselves on a collision course with the ones who sought to exterminate them millenia ago. And a forgotten Lycan hero finds himself again in the center of things.

Prequel to the Spaceship Huey Adventures

A forgotten hero desperate for work. A lost love reincarnated in a shapeshifting alien. In space, love is the most dangerous commodity.

Spaceship Huey Adventures #1

Last time they met, she promised to kill him. Now their lives depend on each other. What could possibly go wrong?

Spaceship Huey Adventures #2

An interstellar war is brewing. A monster guards the key to power. Can a reluctant hero overcome an ancient evil to forestall a galactic apocalypse?

Spaceship Huey Adventures #3

A mighty armada. A fleet of pirates. Can a desperate shifter rally a band of cutthroats to save the human colonies ... and the woman he loves?

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Half Human Enterprises: An eclectic mix of scientists, technicians, and forgotten heroes.

Their Ship: The SS Huey

Their Mission: To take down the powerful paramilitary corporation that controls commerce in the human colonies.

Success Forecast: Not humanly possible.

But don't worry. The crew of the SS Huey is only half human.

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