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The Human Age of Magic

For nearly a billion years, Earth was a playground for the Fae.

When humankind sprang from their semi-sentient predecessors to spread across the land, most of the Fae retreated to their realms to wait and watch, assessing the fate of the new species.

But some of the more adventurous Fae ventured forth to live amongst the humans and observe more closely. They mingled for a while, sometimes leaving behind the progeny of their mingling--witches, wizards, and warlocks--orcs, dwarves, and demigods. This time of mingling became known as the Human Age of Magic.

These Fae adventurers took back to their realms stories. Most were tales of horror, chronicling brutal acts men visited on their fellow men. After all, such tales found a more willing ear among the Fae--who stood ready to judge mankind harshly, out of convenience or self-interest.

But a few stories were tales of heroism and sacrifice--examples of mankind's capacity for courage, perseverance, and love. The Song of Tsing is one such tale ...

... and it needs to be told.

Coming January, 2025

Final draft completed. Ready for editor. (updated 7/18/2024)

Song of Tsing - Book One

A mercenary with a sword that sings. A witch who walks in dreams. If their destinies entwine, empires will fall.

Coming 3rd Quarter, 2025

Writing in progress (updated 7/18/2024)

Song of Tsing - Book Two

Coming Late 2025

Song of Tsing - Book Three