Introducing R.M. Schultz

 (from the 8/4/23 Red Wolf Pack newsletter)

Hey, Readers!

If you're not familiar with R.M. Schultz (I featured one of his Caleb of the Woods books in a newsletter last year), you soon will be. Because I predict his new epic fantasy series is going to create some noise. Even before the first book was released, the series was being considered for a video game, and when Through Blood and Dragons came out this past Monday, it immediately vaulted into the top 100 in multiple categories on Amazon.

I mean, who doesn't like dragons? I sure do!

So, I had this book on preorder and dove right in as soon as it was delivered to my kindle on Monday. Lot's of action and plenty of dragons, so far. Plus, Mr. Schultz has included maps and illustrations with the narrative. The author informed me the special preorder price of $0.99 would be in effect for a few more days, so don't wait! (As of this post, it still was.)

Steeped in blood. Ruled by those with dragons.

Cimeren is a world divided by a mysterious forest and the vast Lake on Fire. Suspicion brews on both sides, and the south has fallen into chaos as battles and quarrels rage between kingdoms.

In the border outpost of Nevergrace, Cyran Orendain is dealing with the loss of his brother and his lord as he strives to face the mounting challenges of a squire of the dragonguard.

But when Cyran's guard-master is called to face the most powerful of the southern kings and bear witness to a secret stolen from the north, Cyran is dragged into a war that has been bubbling under the surface for centuries.

 Dragons are not only weapons--they are engines of war. And even though Cyran is not trained in the ways of the dragonguard, he must adapt and learn to become one of them or his homeland and all of Cimeren will be destroyed.

But he was not born a champion.

He may break, and he will bleed.

Okay, that's it for now. Happy Reading! 






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