Decisions - Decisions!

 (From the June 2 Newsletter)

Hi, Readers!

I took this picture the other day on the trail. It's the kind of decision I like to make. Whichever way I choose, I'll have a nice walk in the woods. No pressure. No big deal.

But this past week I had to make a different decision--one that I wasn't so sure about. I was coming to the end of Halves and Half Nots, and I hadn't decided for certain what to do with Clifford Crane. After 8 novels with him as the MC, how should I leave him? Should I saddle him with more troubles, like I always have? Should I give him a happy ending? Should I kill him off--put him out of his misery?

So, I've been thinking a lot lately about how I make decisions--and just how effective the process is.

I once had a girlfriend who itemized how she decided to dump me in minute detail. She'd made a list of pros and cons. She'd talked to all her friends (yikes!). She'd prayed about it (I love when they drag God into it). A few decades later, another woman told me, "It just doesn't feel right anymore." (I never asked what 'it' was. Not sure I want to know.)

My point is, I know everyone has a different process. Me, I have this theory that the right decision gets made if I'm spiritually aligned--you know, "in the zone," so to speak. But since that's rarely the case, I scramble all over the place with research, lists, and second guesses until I eventually just do what I wanted in the first place.

By the way, I took the trail to the right. Then, after about half a mile, I turned around, came back, and went the other way.

What's your decision-making process like? I'd love to hear. <Leave a Comment>

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