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 (From the May 5th Red Wolf Pack Newsletter)

Earth was a playground for the Fae over 200 million years before humankind sprang from its semi-sentient predecessors and began to spread across the lands. When it happened, most of the Fae retreated to their realms to wait, watching from a safe distance to decide the fate of the new species.

Some of the more fearless or adventurous ventured forth on occasion, living for a time among the humans to observe more closely. On returning to their realms, they would leave behind the results of their mingling--witches, wizards, sorcerers--orcs, dwarves, demigods--giving birth to the human Age of Magic.

What these adventurous Fae would bring back with them, were stories. Most were tales of horror chronicling brutal acts visited upon man by man. After all, such tales found a more willing ear among the Fae, who stood ready to judge mankind harshly--out of convenience or self-interest.
But a few stories were tales of heroism and sacrifice, examples of mankind's capacity for courage and love. The Song of Tsing is one such tale ...

...and it needs to be told.

Yes, I made my decision!
Coming in 2025
The Song of Tsing (An Epic Fantasy Adventure)
Book One: A Verse for Witches
Book Two: A Chorus of Swords
Book Three: A Bridge to Hearts

Progress Notes:
Today I crossed the 83k word mark on my first draft of Halves and Half Nots, Spaceship Huey Adventures #3. Target word count is 90-95k by June 1st. I'll be sending out a call for beta readers later this month.

Featured Recommendation:
Recently discovered author (by me, anyway) Tom Bast just released the third book since 2022 in his Rebels of Duroo series. I recommend getting started right away with Book One.

Categories: epic fantasy, sword & sorcery, action & adventure fantasy

Well, readers, that's all for now. I'll post again later this month. Happy Reading!

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