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Pulled from today's Red Wolf Pack newsletter:

Hi, pack members!

Well, the ebook launch of Half Empty Half Full is almost behind us. I've just got a few more follow-up emails and social media posts to make, and I'll put it behind me. I think it went pretty well. Rankings for the Spaceship Huey Adventures series have been steadily rising, and it feels great to see people reading and enjoying my books! Now, on to other things ...

I was recently introduced o a cool website called AuthorsXp. It's a great place for authors and readers to meet. They do book giveaways, cross promotions, and all kinds of things to benefit authors and readers alike. I immediately signed up for a couple of giveaways--I was so impressed--where I could offer some of my own books for readers to get for free. The last two weeks of this month, I'll be alerting members of the pack to opportunities to win a bundle of books for FREE! (Hey, if you want the heads-up via email, click on my NEWSLETTER page and sign up!)

The latest deal from Yours Truly:

My Red Wolf Saga complete series boxed set is part of this week's AuthorsXP giveaway bundle. Click on the image above (January 17-23, 2023 only) for a chance to win. In conjunction with the giveaway, I've marked my boxed set down 25% for anyone who wants to go directly to Amazon to <purchase at 25% off or borrow in Kindle Unlimited>.

Progress Notes:

With the HEHF launch behind me, I'm trying to focus on getting Halves and Half Nots ready for publication before the end of the year. My first draft is due for beta readers on June 1st. I'm at the 31.25k word mark. Target is 85-95k words.

Featured Recommendation:

You may have noticed this book buried in a list of after-Christmas recommendations I sent out last month. I believe I mentioned I was reading and enjoying it at the time. Well, I finished it and was compelled to drop a five-star review on Amazon right away. It's one of the most imaginative books I've read in a long time. I also talked to the author (I can do that, since I am one). Insider info leak: he plans to publish two books in the series before the end of the year. I can't wait.

Rogue Destiny - Book One, by Paul Tallman

Ren never wanted to be the hero. Now he has no choice.

Ren B'gatti is a creature of chaos. A trickster by nature, and a shape-shifter by trade. He is content playing sidekick to the charismatic Claymore Ives.

Both are field agents for the Raconteurs, the self-appointed guardians of the city of Rogue Destiny as well as the vast, untamed literary universe. While Claymore is the paragon of what a hero represents, Ren lives for the violence and mayhem that follows the Raconteurs everywhere they go.

Their partnership has worked well, until a mission goes horribly wrong, and they stand accused of world genocide. With Claymore imprisoned and the city hunting Ren, the trickster did what he always did, he ran.

Now Rogue Destiny's most dangerous crime lord, Mordecai Davos, emerges from the shadows to search for a lost artifact that will restore magic to Rogue Destiny, and the Raconteurs' only hope lies in an arrogant trickster.

Categories: Myth & Legends, Steampunk, Fantasy Action & Adventure, Metaphysical & Visionary Fantasy.


Well, that's it for now. Happy Reading!

-Red Wolf John

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