Rusan's At High Noon

 From the December 16, 2022 Newsletter:

If you're confused at the enigmatic subject line, I get it. It's an inside joke that only a few--maybe two--readers will get. It refers to a recent episode where I tried to meet my son and his girlfriend for lunch. 

It sounds like a great title for a book, though, doesn't it? Or, a movie, a song, or something? It does to me.

And I was wondering, does it ever happen to you--like it does to me all the time--where you run across a spoken phrase or a random sign and think, "That sounds like a great book title!" And then you start to imagine the cover art. And the plot line starts to develop in your head. And you dig out your phone and try to jot some notes. And rush home to your laptop to ...

Wait. Maybe I'm going too far with this scenario. But you know what I mean, don't you? I'm hoping I'm not as weird as I'm afraid I am and you guys have had this happen to you, too. If so, I'd really like to hear from you. <Leave a Comment> on my Google form and let me know what are some great book or movie titles that have popped into your head at one time or another. I'll share some of the good ones in next month's newsletter--and on this blog. (I'm using the Google form and have disabled comments on this blog due to the incredible amount of spam they produce. I hope it works.)

And if you want to check out the comments next month without having to come back here, click the Newsletter page tab above and sign up!

Progress Notes: I'm 13.5k words into Halves and Half Nots. Goal is 85-90k by June 1, 2023. The story is developing nicely and--yeah, I know--I need to pick up the pace.

Other News:

My newsletter will take on a new look in 2023! Oh, you'll still be getting the same clever observations by yours truly, progress news, and opportunities to win free stuff, but I'll also be offering regular suggestions and deals for great books by other authors. And you'll start seeing my nifty web banner in the email headline.

Look for a special promotional email coming from me the day after Christmas (another good reason to sign up for the newsletter, since I won't be posting the promotion on my blog). I'm running a special on my Red Wolf Saga boxed set, and I have found some sweet deals from other authors I like that I'll share with you.

Oh, and don't forget: Half Empty Half Full launches in digital form on January 12, 2023. You can pre-order the ebook now for only 99 cents!

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Happy Holidays! And Happy Reading!

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