Launching a New Year (and a new book!)

 Revised from the January 6, 2023 Newsletter:

It's a new year, a new look to my newsletter, and I have big news!

If you didn't already know, the next installment of the Spaceship Huey Adventures, Half Empty Half Full, launches officially on January 12th. Pre-launch promotions are almost over. Tomorrow is the big day!

If you haven't started on the Spaceship Huey Adventures series yet, I'm dropping the price on Book One to 99 cents from now until the launch of Book Two (actually, I'm keeping it discounted through launch day). Plus, you can pick up the new book through January 12th for only 99 cents.

Now, do you notice anything different about my newsletter? (for those reading this on the Red Wolf Blogs site, click my NEWSLETTER page to sign up)

Right! It's a new format I've added my web banner to the headline and both a Monthly Deal from me and a Featured Recommendation by another author to my monthly offerings. I think it looks very professional. (I am a professional, after all, so it should.)

You'll have to wait until the next newsletter for a featured recommendation by another author, though. Sorry. This one's all about me.

But before we go any further, I really want to connect with you guys. I have some big plans for 2023 and some big decisions to make, including what writing project to begin after I finish Book Three of the Spaceship Huey series. It would be a big help to me if you would fill out my reader survey. It'll only take a minute or two. Please? Just click: <Take the 2023 Reader Survey>

This month's deal from Yours Truly: (click anywhere on the image to order)

Progress Notes:

As of this post, I'm 26.5k words toward a target of 85-95k for Halves and Half Nots, which is scheduled to go to my first beta reader on June 1st. And, as usual, my characters have already given me a few surprises. Wish the crew of the Huey luck. They're going to need it.

Featured Recommendation: (click anywhere on the image to order)

Well, that's it for now. Happy Reading!
-Red Wolf John

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