Half Empty Half Full Cover Reveal

From the September, 2022, Newsletter Update

Oh, boy! It won't be long now. I have the cover ready for the second installment of the Spaceship Huey Adventures. Take a look ...

... along with a (very brief) excerpt...

He stood watching as she climbed into the rover and pulled away from the dock. Rivulets of water poured from the trailer, carving squiggly wet paths in the dust.

"Eighteen," Lendwill said, sidling up next to him.

"She said she was nineteen."

"The age of consent," Lendwill clarified. "It's eighteen, in case you were wondering."

Clifford grunted.

"But I really think it would be a good idea for you not to give her anything to consent to," Lendwill added.

"I have no intention of getting involved with that girl," Clifford insisted.

Lendwill chuckled. "You already are."

Update for Readers

Half Empty Half Full is available in paperback now! You can preorder the ebook for only $0.99!

Half Empty Half Full on Amazon: <US>  <UK>  <Canada>  <Australia>  <India> 








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