Half Empty Half Full

 (From August 20, 2021)

That's the title of the next book in the Spaceship Huey Adventures series, Half Empty Half Full. I started writing the first chapters this month. A theme that recurs throughout the book is the contrast in positive and negative outlooks on life of some of the characters.

Don't worry. It's not going to be too deep, or anything. It's a space opera, after all, not a philosophical treatise. But I'm planning on having some fun with that aspect.

If you've been with the Pack for a while, you know that I'm a glass-half-empty kind of guy. I like to look at the negative side of things before going all Pollyanna over something. I don't look on it as a defect of character. Bad shit happens. I want to be ready for it.

It drives people around me crazy, though. For instance, don't ask me to serve on a planning committee of any kind. I can shoot down any idea that comes up. I'm good at it.

There's a lot of glass-half-empty stuff going on in my life right now, too. Here's a short list:

  • First, getting The Cargo re-published this month, with the marketing makeover provided by Best Page Forward, including the new cover, was a pain in the rear end. Amazon did not want to accept the subtitle changes, and I had to go back and forth with KDP Support for a week or so before they finally relented.
  • Next, Amazon decided to take down some of the hard-earned reviews for The Draculata Nest. That was a bummer. Admittedly, it's the worst book I've ever written (the first, so that's to be expected, right?), but it's the first in the series, making it the one I have to advertise, and I know the lack of reviews influences readers not to buy. (Hey, I know many of you have read it and tolerated its mediocrity. You could really help me out by posting a review <here>. It doesn't have to be glowing, and I would really appreciate it.)
  • Finally, YG Entertainment has yet to announce a release date for BlackPink Lisa's solo debut. How am I supposed to schedule my life with something like that hanging in the air?
Okay, take a deep breath. These are all first world problems, after all. I should look on the bright side. I should make a gratitude list. I should take the lemons and make lemonade. (Ugh! I hate those glass-half-full platitudes.)

Well, there is one thing I'm grateful for: my beta readers! Good professionals aren't easy to find, yet I have been blessed to discover a couple that are worth every penny of their reasonable fees. I highly recommend both Sue McKerns of <Otterville Overhaul> and <The Book Gremlins>, who also beta read The Cargo. Great work, guys.

Now, the professionals are fine, but you pack members who volunteered to beta read for free are truly near and dear to my heart. I need to express my deep and sincere thanks to Gary F and Debi Z, who have gone the extra mile to overcome all sorts of technical obstacles to read the first complete draft. Thanks to you guys, Half Human is turning out to be my best work to-date.

So, Advanced Reader Copy team, look out. Very soon copies of the final product will be ready to send out, well in advance of the official book launch, so y'all can have your reviews ready to post when it goes on sale. Keep your eyes on your inboxes and don't worry, I'll give you plenty of advanced warning and time to read. Oh, here's the working cover. I'm not sure it'll be the one we go with in the end, but I love it and wanted to share...

Just a reminder: it's not too late to enter this month's giveaway. Click on the following for a chance to win one of three signed copies of The Cargo, featuring the new cover: <Enter the Giveaway> 

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Thanks, and happy reading!

Red Wolf John

P.S. Since this original writing, things are looking up for Blinks and Lilis like me. Lalisa launches 9/10/21! Yahoo!


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