Quest For Coffee – The Final Countdown

 Hi, folks. Time for another blog post. Several weeks ago, I told you the sad story of my favorite coffee shop closing and how I’d begun a quest to find a replacement. I believe I’ve reached the end of this long, sad journey. It’s time to share the results and … move on.
      First, a last homage to the now-defunct Caribou where I wrote the bulk of my first two novels and to the pleasant, ever-smiling baristas who came to know me by name and consistently served up the best white chocolate mochas around. Like that one great love you will always compare the others to, I will miss you and forever hold you in my heart.

You can’t get there from here…

Part of my dilemma involves the fact that I don’t drive, so when the corporate fat cats at Caribou closed the shop in my neighborhood it meant I had to do some traveling to find another. I use my bicycle and public transportation to get around. Charlotte is spread out, not a bike-friendly town, and our transit system just doesn’t go everywhere. I started my search with coffee shops along my regular bus routes, to and from work.
The only Caribou Coffee I could get to is a small franchise in the hospital I walk past every morning between the #27 and #15 bus routes. The staff is friendly, the coffee is great, and I can always find a seat, but… jeez, it’s in a hospital! The clientele is all patients recouping from a surgery, or folks visiting sick and dying loved ones, or staff trying to keep awake on a twenty hour shift. Not a very cheery or inspiring lot. I tried writing for a few hours there one time. The vibe was way off.
Starbucks, of course, is everywhere. Three of them are easily accessible along my regular route. They’re all crowded or dark and gloomy and the seats are designed to make your ass go numb within the hour.

I found a wonderful Starbucks overlooking the entrance to a greenway on the other side of town. It’s an hour-and-a-half bike ride and the only bus that goes that way is a rush hour express. Basically, you can’t get there from here.

The coffee I make at home sucks…

I wasn’t a coffee drinker until recently, so I never mastered the art. Someone had pity on me last Christmas and bought me a French press, so I’ve been working on it. But, I reiterate…

The coffee I make at home sucks.

Plus, there are too many distractions at home for me to write. One of them is leaning against the shelf next to my writing table as we speak.
God doesn’t want me caffeinated (or to have fun ever again)…

I think I’ve fallen victim to state dependent learning. It’s a problem lots of folks recovering from alcohol and drug addictions have. When they’ve learned a skill while under the influence of some substance, they forget how to do it when they’re not high. Could it be I’ve become dependent on the combination of caffeine and coffee-shop atmosphere in order to write? My production has fallen off markedly since my Caribou closed. Yikes!

I believe there’s a higher power out there somewhere that has my best interests at heart. Could it be that this struggle of mine is God’s way of letting me know it’s time to give up caffeine? *he writes as he takes another sip* Humph. Naaaah.

But, I’ll tell you this much. I’m giving up on the search for another coffee shop. You cannot find that which you seek, Grasshopper, yet you must seek it or you will not find it. What? Who you jivin’ with that Cosmik Debris?
       I guess I’ll just have to choke down my own home brew and keep banging at the keyboard for now in hopes that this, too, shall pass.

     Next time…
     What is your all-time favorite paranormal book series? I’m going to share my favorites with you and tell you what I love and don’t love about them (and what I stole for my own paranormal books) in a top-five countdown, starting next post!

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   Until next time, Happy Reading!

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  1. Hey, John. I'm sorry to be smirking at your pain, but your post was very amusing. I had to read it to my wife while we're sitting out here on the patio. We're in the Fresno, Calif. area and it's hitting 100's now. We won't be outside very long, I can promise you. Already at 11:30 am my air conditioning is calling out to me. I won't tell you what I was sipping on while out here... *evil grins* Ok, it was coffee!
    I hope everything is good with you. I don't know if I have a favorite paranormal series. I read so infrequently these days due to my crazy schedule. I did just finish the newest Dan Brown novel. It was full of twists and turns, much like we've come to expect. I basically read Indies these days, so I find one and then quickly move on to the next author.
    Take care, sir.

    1. Thanks, James. Enjoy your coffee (grumble). Seriously, I wish y'all some respite from the heat.


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