Two Precious Reviews

   My mom is pissed. And, believe me, you don’t want to get on her bad side. This feisty eighty-something still has a lot of fire left in her, so you might want to lay low for a while. What’s she up in arms about? Let me give you some background.

   I don’t know if most moms are like this. I know some aren’t, and it’s a shame. But my mom has always been fiercely proud and supportive of her sons. Oh, I don’t mean she thinks we can do no wrong. Growing up, my brother and I got our fair share of whuppin’s, groundings, and other punishments as a result of our indiscretions. And that was fine, as long as it was her or Dad dishing it out. Let someone else accuse us of wrong-doing? Watch out.

   Through the years, anyone who ever uttered a negative word about me has gone on a list. Once you’re on the list, it’s hard to come off. I’m not sure anyone has. There are folks from my grade school days - teachers who gave me bad grades, coaches who didn’t play me, folks who didn’t vote for me when I ran for student council positions… you name it - who are still on that list.

   Just be grateful Mom doesn’t carry a gun.

   Who’s the latest addition to the list? Amazon. What did Amazon do? They pulled a couple of five-star reviews of my two novels from their web site. Yeah, you probably guessed. Mom wrote them.

   Amazon was prompt in replying to her query as to why. They don’t allow reviews by anyone who might have a vested interest in the success of the book. Mom insists she doesn’t, but… she’s my mom, after all.

   And, you know what? I love my mom. And I loved the reviews she wrote, which were up for the world to see for all of 24 hours. And, since I don’t mind anyone seeing a review from someone who probably does have a vested interest in the success of my book, I decided to post them on my blog.

   Here they are…


My review of The Draculata Nest, 11/19/2012

5.0 out of 5 stars Very hard to put down!, November 19, 2012
An extremely well-written story that catches the reader's attention on the first page and never lets it go. I am not a follower of this genre but bought the book because I was acquainted with the author and was curious to see what he had produced. Honestly, I found I couldn't put it down. By the time I turned the last page I was completely sold and impatient to read the sequel. The characters are so believable that you genuinely like them or hate them. The conversations - spoken or communicated otherwise - flow so naturally it seems you are actually hearing them. The action scenes are vivid and often nail-biting.
I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good read, but must warn you that the author has no qualms about sacrificing one of the good guys or letting one of the bad guys survive if it moves the plot along.

My review of The Dragon of Doughton Park, 11/19/2012
5.0 out of 5 stars Even better than the first one!, November 19, 2012

This follow-up to The Draculata Nest is even more exciting as the non-stop action moves from Charlotte and the Uwharries to North Carolina's mountains and the coast. The familiar cast of characters returns in the mortal contest between werewolves and vampires.
All the positives of the Draculata Nest: the excellence of the writing, the pace and tightness of the plot, and the evolution of the characters continue as Clifford Crane gradually accepts his destiny. His old friends from the Uwharrie pack return, as does the evil Roland who has managed to survive the annihilation of his former nest. A number of new characters are introduced; all just as interesting and believable as the ones we met in The Draculata Nest. The scope of action widens to reveal a much larger struggle for control of the planet by forces of good and evil. Again, the final chapter leaves us on the edge of our seats, impatient for the next installment.
I recommend this book to anyone who likes a fast-paced read with great characters and wonderful backgrounds. Those who've hiked the Smokies or sunned on the Outer Banks will probably look around those familiar places with new eyes; those who haven't been there may be curious enough to go.
But a word to the author: will we never be rid of the despicable Danielle?

Thanks, Mom. You’re the greatest!
On that note I'll close for now. But remember:
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