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   It’s a glorious Fall Sunday morning in Charlotte and time for my weekly blog. As you can see from my weight posted up top, my scales are back on line. Not sure if that’s a blessing or a curse. Oh, well. Today’s blog, like my past week, is in bits and pieces (hence the title – clever, huh?).

Release Date Set for Dragon

   My cover guy, Rich, promised to have the cover for The Dragon of Doughton Park ready this weekend. No sooner had the words escaped his lips (or fingers, I guess – the promise came in an email), did Rich take off for a weekend camping trip. Of course I interpreted ‘this weekend’ to mean Friday night, since that’s what I was hoping for. But, I guess Rich meant Sunday night. And he is known to be a man of his word.

   Anyway, the cover will be available soon. The text has been formatted for paperback, kindle, and nook, and files have been uploaded to CreateSpace, KDP, and PubIt. Therefore, I’ve set a release date for the book. Dragon will be officially released on Halloween!
   APageAway is organizing a blog tour around the release date. Tentatively, the blog tour will run from Oct 29 through Nov 2. There will be author interviews, book reviews and some nifty prizes to give away. More will be revealed on the tour as details become available.

Facial Hair

   A few days ago I heard my thirteen-year-old shout from the bathroom, “My stash!” Panic. I flashed back to a random memory from my youth, when one of my roommates (I never found out who it was) had gotten into my cache of drugs. In nanoseconds I had projected years into the future and visiting Seth in rehab.
   But, no. My son ran to me and thrust his face into my own.
   See what?
   Look! What do you see?
   Your nostrils? Back off a little. What are you talking about?
  My ‘stache! I have a moustache!
   I looked closer. Nothing. I turned his head side-to-side. Still nothing. No, wait. Looking at his silhouette, with the light from the bathroom doorway behind him, I saw them. Tiny hairs formed a light fuzz across his upper lip. In fact, the same fuzz covered his chin and cheeks. Oh, my god.
   My son’s beard is coming in!
   How delightful for him.
   Jeez, I'm getting old.
Draculata Nest Available With New Cover

   A revised text (I corrected the typos some of you have pointed out!) and a new cover have been uploaded to CreateSpace, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble. Those venues now feature the latest edition of The Draculata Nest. I am super happy with the new cover Ray and Rich collaborated on. You can click on the DNest in paperback link at the bottom of this blog post to get one. You’ll have to get one of the $12.99 copies to receive the new cover. The $10.99 copies, although new, have the original cover.
   Okay, that’s it for this week, I guess. I’ll have more details on the release of Dragon and the blog tour next Sunday.

   And remember:

   From now until the time Dragon goes on sale, the ebook price for The Draculata Nest has been reduced to only $0.99. You can purchase it through one of the following venues. Click on the link that applies to you.
 Until next time… Happy Reading!


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